Greetings, stranger.

I talk a lot.

Sometimes, my takes are lukewarm (“Look, your pizza can have whatever toppings you want on it, we have bigger issues in life”) while some of my takes are a little warmer, like they’ve just popped out of the microwave. And a few of my takes are sizzling hot enough to match the surface of the Sun. (Approximately 5,505˚C. And yes, one of my hot takes is that Fahrenheit is a terrible unit for temperature.)

It’s time that I put effort into what I say, so welcome to the forum where I’ve chosen to express it.

Expect the best of my thoughts, in written and processed form, for your consumption: My opining on businesses doing bad things. My celebrations of the little things. My criticisms of mistakes in journalism. My musings on democracy, individuality, and the rule of law.

I hope that, by the end, we will be friends. And I hope to hear from you as well. A dialogue is usually better when two or more people are speaking. (Though not at the same time.)

Hello, friend.

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